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Goose Creek Dental Impressions

We’ve all sat in the dentist’s chair trying not to swallow or gag on that goop in our mouth for what seemed like hours. Over.

Dentists take dental impressions to make a three-dimensional model of your teeth so that they can fashion crowns and bridges that fit more accurately. In the past, a tray filled with goop was placed over your teeth. And then you were told not to move or swallow for a few minutes while the mixture set.

Crowfield Gentle Modern Dentistry now uses digital technology to make that three-dimensional model – on a computer screen. The tray and the goop and the gagging are gone!

Digital impressions use digital imaging to make the impressions and the model of your teeth. A wand is put into your mouth to take the pictures. The wand contains a tiny camera (intraoral scanner) that takes multiple pictures of your tooth and the surrounding area; then it compiles the data to create a three-dimensional model of your dental restoration.

Once your tooth is prepared, it takes only minutes for your dentist to scan the area and create your dental restoration right on the computer screen. The final image is e-mailed to a technician to prepare the mold, who in turn sends it to a dental lab to create the final product. Digital imaging allows for the impressions to be sent to the lab immediately, resulting in a shorter turnaround time to produce your dental restoration.

What are the benefits of digital impressions?

  • No tray, no goop, no gagging.
  • The dental impression is taken very fast.
  • Your dentist will have to spend far less time – or none – reshaping the crown or bridge when it comes back from the lab.