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Goose Creek Digital Dental X – Rays Service

Mouth X-Ray

Crowfield Gentle Modern Dentistry, in its continuing concern for its patients’ time, comfort and safety, is now making use of digital radiography or X-rays.

This high-tech replacement for traditional X-ray technology using film begins with a similar process: your dentist will insert a sensor into your mouth to capture images of your teeth. The sensor is electronic and connected to a computer.  The image is immediately on the computer screen for your dentist to look at while he is working on your teeth.

Why are digital X-rays superior to the old-fashioned film X-rays?

  • Digital X-rays expose you to much less radiation. Although the amount of radiation used in traditional X-rays was small and dentists used every precaution, digital X-rays use up to 90 percent less.  So although traditional X-rays were relatively safe, digital X-rays are excellent for those who may need multiple X-rays or for those that are concerned about radiation.
  • Digital X-rays save time. Since the images appear instantly on the computer screen, there is no waiting while X-rays are developed and certainly no second appointment “to see the X-rays.”  Your X-rays will appear on the screen right before your eyes.
  • Digital X-rays produce a better picture.  With a traditional X-ray, it was one size fits all. The dentist had to work with the picture that came out of the developer.  You may be familiar with working with digital images on your computer. Digital X-rays can also be manipulated to a bigger or smaller size, magnified or enlarged, with color, contrast and brightness adjusted to get the best image possible. And differing versions of the same X-ray image can be printed out if a hard copy is needed. All of this allows your dentist to get a better idea of the treatment you need.
  • Digital images can be e-mailed to a dental specialist for immediate review without the expense and time needed to copy files and mail them. With digital X-rays, it’s easy to send the images off to get a second opinion or to send records to a specialist.
  • Digital dental X-rays are better for the environment!  With digital radiography, no chemicals are used to develop film.  Digital X-rays also eliminate the need for a lot of bulky equipment and a darkroom in our dental office as well as storage space for all those files.