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Goose Creek General & Preventive Dentistry

Smiles Start With Us

Start your smile journey off right with our general and preventive dentistry services. Our proactive, patient-centered approach to dental care is just what you need to brighten your smile and achieve your goals. Our expert staff uses the latest technology to make your smile perfect.

Goose Creek Dental Comprehensive Exam

We offer comprehensive exams to all of our new patients which include digital x-rays, oral cancer screenings, and a full exam of your gums. We even do an analysis of your hard (tooth) and soft (gum) tissue to ensure your mouth is at its healthiest. We’ll formulate an individual treatment plan that’s just right for you.

Goose Creek Oral Cancer Screenings Dentistry

Getting screened for oral cancer can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to early detection. Although the major risk behaviors include alcohol and tobacco use, even those who do not use alcohol and tobacco still have a chance of developing oral cancer. As part of our comprehensive exams, we use visual and manual screening methods to check for any abnormal tissues that may indicate a larger problem.

Goose Creek Dental X – Rays Service

Our digital and panoramic x-rays give a clear, high-resolution image of what’s really going on inside your mouth. We also have and use a CT scanner, from which we get three-dimensional pictures of your jaw and bone structure. We take the guess work out of diagnosing with these quality images.

Goose Creek Dental Hygienist and Teeth Cleaning Services

The path to great oral health begins with good hygiene – and the best way to start is with a professional deep cleaning to get your smile looking and feeling its best! Our hygienists use Cavitron magnetostrictive scalers to remove buildup on and between your teeth. Visit us regularly to keep your smile bright.

Goose Creek Gum Disease Treatment

Great oral care isn’t just focused on your teeth. Your gums need a little extra TLC too! Prevent gum disease, the number-one cause of adult tooth loss, by fighting plaque and tartar buildup. We take a proactive approach to gum care to keep your gums healthy. If we do find that there is gum disease present, our root planing and scaling techniques can clear away bacteria while our antibiotic protocol will kill bacteria. We’ll have you healthy in no time.

Goose Creek Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen your tooth enamel. It is added to most municipal water supplies, but that tiny amount is not always enough to maintain your oral health. Plus, you may be missing out on your fluoride if you drink a lot of bottled water. If your teeth are extra sensitive, ask us how a fluoride treatment can help. We also provide topical fluoride to children and adults as needed, to replenish minerals and ward off decay.

Goose Creek Anesthesia Sedation Treatment

Now you can stay calm and relaxed through all your procedures. We offer nitrous oxide, and can prescribe oral sedation as an alternative if necessary. You’ll always feel at ease when you’re in our chairs, every time, every procedure. Don’t let fear hold you back from getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

Goose Creek Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you often wake up in a fog, not feeling well rested even though you were in bed for eight hours or more; or if your partner tells you you snore, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Ask us how we can help. We can provide you with an oral appliance from Glidewell, which opens your airways and makes breathing easier at bedtime. Sleep better with help from Crowfield Dental.

Goose Creek TMJ Headache and Migraine Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ or TMD) can cause painful symptoms, including migraines and tension headaches. At Crowfield Dental, we believe in the theory of centric relation which assesses the relationship between your jaw bone and the surrounding muscles to find your most comfortable bite. We’ll create appliances to bring the bite back into alignment and sometimes equilibration, or adjustment of the biting surfaces to equalize stress and harmonize the way your teeth meet. Don’t suffer any longer. Call us today.

Goose Creek Tooth Sealants Dental Care

The grooves and depressions that form the chewing surfaces of the back teeth are extremely difficult (if not impossible) to clean of bacteria and food. As the bacteria reacts with the food, acids form and break down the tooth enamel, causing cavities. Recent studies indicate that 88 percent of total cavities in American school children are caused this way.

Tooth sealants protect these susceptible areas by sealing the grooves and depressions, preventing bacteria and food particles from residing in these areas. Sealant material is a resin typically applied to the back teeth, molars and premolars and areas prone to cavities. It lasts for several years but needs to be checked during regular appointments.