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Goose Creek Dental Implants Clinic

Implants Make Smiles Healthy

Our office uses state-of-the-art technology to assist in implantation and ensure you have the most comfortable procedure possible. Dr. Brad uses detailed images from a CT scan to find the perfect placement of your implants.

Are you looking for a better, longer lasting solution to missing teeth? Implants help keep your mouth healthy, while delivering a beautiful smile that will last. Look beyond traditional dentures and bridges, and discover dental implants. A titanium post is surgically implanted into your jawbone, and fuses to the bone as it heals. This post becomes a stable root for a replacement (prosthetic) tooth or teeth.

Implants are a two-step process with some healing time between, and Dr. Brad does both right in our office! That means you can relax in a familiar environment, while the dentist you know and trust performs your procedure.

Mini-implants are an excellent choice for patients who aren’t candidates for full implants either because of cost, or for medical or anatomical reasons. Similar to full implants, mini implants offer a stable alternative to dentures or partials and can replace anything from one tooth to a full arch, but the procedure is less invasive, less costly, and it requires less healing time than traditional implants. With mini-implants, the restoration can be placed immediately, which means fewer visits and instant function, including the ability to eat a wider variety of food.

Implant-Retained Dentures
These aren’t your grandparents’ dentures. While they are similar, implant retained dentures are restorations (prosthetics) secured in place through the use of implants. This option ensures a comfortable fit without the need for adhesive. They are easy to wear and attractive.

We specialize in All-on-4 implant-retained dentures, which work best in patients with compromised bone structures. Because they only require four implants for security, All-on-4 dentures allow the doctor to avoid weak areas. This procedure requires less healing and is generally more comfortable.