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Goose Creek Restorative Dentistry

Restore Beauty and Brilliance to Your Smile

Do you want to be proud of your smile again? Crowfield Dental offers a wide range of restorative dentistry services so you can bring back the smile you once loved.

Goose Creek Tooth Colored Fillings Dentistry

When decay starts to take hold of your teeth, early intervention can save your tooth from more invasive procedures. We use a tooth colored composite material which blends in with your natural teeth. Your filling is durable, and the procedure is simple. Don’t let a minor issue turn into something bigger – take care of cavities today!

Goose Creek Porcelain Dental Inlays and Onlays Treatment

When a traditional filling won’t work, we may suggest porcelain inlays or onlays, depending on the area of decay. Unlike a filling, these restorations strengthen the structure of the tooth and generally stand on their own, without requiring additional restorative treatment.

Goose Creek Dental Crown & Bridges Treatment

Crowns and bridges are a great solution to cracked, fractured, and missing teeth. At Crowfield Dental, all of our bridges are metal-free, long lasting, and natural looking. Our crowns are expertly matched to your natural enamel and custom created to fit your bite. These “caps” add stability and protect a damaged tooth perfectly. Find out how crowns and bridges can help you get your smile back!

Goose Creek Partial Dentures Treatment

A partial denture may replace several missing teeth that are surrounded by healthy teeth. Partials are sometimes removable for cleaning and convenience, and can help your existing teeth to stay in place, as they deter shifting which can create larger issues in the future.

Goose Creek Implant Cosmetic Dentures

All of our dentures are planned in-house, which helps to ensure the precise fit for our patients every time. Then our trusted lab custom creates a beautiful set of prosthetic teeth that look natural and feel comfortable. You’ll be able to eat and speak normally, without the fear of your dentures coming loose.

Goose Creek Dental Implants Clinic

Implants are a long-lasting alternative to crowns and bridges when you need to replace missing teeth. They look perfectly natural, and you retain complete functionality of your mouth. Dr. Brad can place and restore your implants in the comfort of our office, which saves you time. We use a high-tech CT scan that ensures accurate placement. Learn more about the types of implants we offer.

Goose Creek Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic)

We believe that your natural teeth are best, so if we think a tooth can be saved, we will recommend endodontic therapy. But don’t worry! Your comfort and care are our top priorities – rest easy knowing that you’re in great hands at Crowfield Dental! We perform anterior and premolar root canals in our office, keeping you comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

Goose Creek Extraction Oral Surgery

Nervous about getting a tooth pulled? Relax! Dr. Brad takes care of all minor extractions in-house, meaning you get the care you deserve from the dentist you trust. We’ll keep you calm and relaxed throughout the procedure, and you’ll be back to your daily activities quickly. For more advanced procedures or wisdom tooth removal, Dr. Brad will be happy to refer you to one of our trusted specialists.